Precision Industrial, Laboratory, Batch and Continuous Furnaces
for Every Process

CM Furnace specializes in the advanced design and manufacturing of high quality laboratory and industrial electric furnaces.  All of our box and tube furnaces emphasize the highest quality of design and construction. In a world of planned obsolescence, these machines are built to last. CM also produces highly custom production furnaces for a variety of applications that meet the exacting process requirements of industrial, educational and government users.

All our furnaces are designed and built in the USA.

The CM Rapid-Temp Furnace Series

About Us

CM Furnaces is known for state of the art design and manufacturing of all types of air, hydrogen and inert atmosphere electric furnaces. Though many of our furnaces are of standard design and construction, CM has specialized in furnaces for a variety of applications and in updates of standard equipment to meet specific needs.


The company was founded in 1946 by Seth Combs and James Murphy. The main product line at the time was refractory metal coils (molybdenum and tungsten) used in the lighting and the electronics industry. CM began manufacturing furnaces in order to produce the coils and over time the manufacture of high temperature laboratory and production furnaces became CM’s primary product.