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Batch Furnaces For MIM Production

Batch Furnace for MIM

Batch furnaces for MIM are popular with companies or labs working with a number of different materials and part mixes that require process flexibility. Whereas a continuous furnace presents a fixed temperature along the line of travel, batch furnaces can offer programmable temperature profiles, programmable soak times, and lower overall operating costs. This can be important if you need to make sintering temperature changes for different materials, or make debinding hold time changes for different part thicknesses.

Batch furnaces are also very flexible with regard to the size of the parts and materials to be run. When there are no parts to run there is no power or gas consumption in a batch furnace. During normal running, gas consumption may be higher than in continuous furnaces but there is no power consumption during cooling or idling. Temperatures inside a batch furnace may be more easily monitored as well by using survey thermocouples on the parts.

Cost may be another factor as batch DeBinding/Sintering Ovens are typically less than their automated pusher furnace counterparts, however there is a price to be paid in throughput, making them inefficient for large scale production environments.

The CM 1500 Series Hydrogen Atmosphere Batch Furnace

CM 1500 H2 Batch Furnace for MIMIdeally suited for the needs of most MIM DeBinding and Sintering processes is the CM 1500 series Furnace. The CM 1500 was specifically designed for these high temperature atmosphere applications or really any application where vacuum is not absolutely necessary. This is a sold refractory metal furnace for MIM capable of both debinding and sintering in a single unit.

CM 1500 Models can be specified up to 3100F (1700C) a temperature that will handle almost any feedstock including BASF catamold.  Another advantage to the CM Batch Furnace series for MIM is the potentially large chamber sizes available, up to 2.2 cubic feet stock, with custom sizes beyond that available.

And finally there is furnace safety. After 70 years making MIM furnaces for every type of process and part you can bet we’ve learned a thing or two about safety. In our furnaces all aspects of hydrogen usage are monitored with automatic fail safes implemented for every contingency. Our furnaces use redundant thermocouples for overtemperature monitoring. The door to our chamber is water cooled as are our element terminals. Dewpoint and oxygen monitors are also available.

CM Batch Furnaces for the MIM industry

While the quality of our materials and construction is extremely high, we still believe that our MIM solutions have the lowest long term cost of ownership in the industry.

Please do call us today to find out why.


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