High Temperature Box Furnaces

CM Rapid Temp Box Furnaces are built to endure the use and abuse of many different applications. Our furnaces have seen use in small scale laboratory environments all the way to industrial production facilities. These furnaces incorporate graded insulation systems which will not hot spot at high temperatures and are resistant to degradation. Because of the extremely low thermal conductivity of these systems dramatic weight reduction and extremely fast thermal cycling is possible.

CM Box Furnaces for Lab or Batch Production

CM Furnaces “Rapid Temp” series of box furnaces.

Designed for efficient, high-temperature use with minimal maintenance, our box furnaces are suited for a wide variety of applications including:

  • Annealing
  • Brazing
  • Calcining
  • Ceramics
  • Firing/Co-Firing
  • Debinding
  • Metal Injection Molding
  • Glass
  • Heat Treating
  • Laboratory Research
  • Materials Testing
  • Thermal Cycling
  • Sintering
  • Pre-Sintering
  • Melting
  • Powders
  • Reducing

Gas Sealed Box Furnaces

Batch atmosphere box furnace for MIM

The 1710 Gas sealed box furnace.

All Cm Rapid Temp furnaces are available with our inert atmosphere gas sealed option. This includes a sealed inner shell, water and gas
cooled terminal connections and a water cooled o-ring sealed door.

Bottom loading furnaces are available with a removable atmosphere dome which consists of an inverted alumina tube closed on one end, dense alumina floor plate, and inlet and outlet gas ports. Using this dome, heating elements are not exposed to the ambient atmosphere allowing operating temperatures to reach 1700C.
All of our Box Furnaces feature:

  • Fully programmable control of heating and cooling rates,
  • Highly uniform temperature control
  • Highly reliable designs use only premium components. Our design emphasis is based around longevity.
  • Extra sturdy construction for long term use.

CM Lab Box Furnaces at a Glance

Furnace Type Temperature Atmosphere Model
Front Loading Box (FL)
Bottom Loading Box (BL)
Atmosphere Retort Box
1200°C (2192°F) inert, hydrogen and reducing 1200 Series
Front Loading Box (FL)
Bottom Loading Box (BL)
Gas-Sealed Box
Thermal Cycling Box
1600°C (2900°F) Air, inert 1600 Series
Front Loading Box (FL)
Bottom Loading Box (BL)
Gas Sealed Box
Thermal Cycling Box
1700°C (3100°F) Air, inert 1700 Series
Front Loading Box (FL)
Bottom Loading Box (BL)
Gas-Sealed Box
1800°C (32700°F) Air, inert 1800 Series

Box Furnace Users

Box furnaces by CM Furnaces come in all form factors, sizes, and temperature ranges. They can use a variety of atmospheres and are offered at a wide variety of price points. Users of the CM series of box furnaces include:

  • US National Laboratories like Los Alamos, Oak Ridge & Savannah River National Labs and many others.
  • Both Government and private research facilities.
  • University science laboratories
  • Pre-production manufacturing test.
  • Small scale production environments.

CM Furnaces has been making box furnaces for over 70 years. We have built our reputation by providing the most reliable and long lasting furnaces available today. Our “no-shortcuts” mentality and advanced feature offerings puts our furnaces at the upper end of the quality spectrum among all box furnaces manufactured today.

Why Box Furnaces by CM Furnaces?

The heavy duty construction of CM Furnaces box furnaces comes standard or is customizable to meet the most demanding laboratory  or small scale batch production applications. Advanced engineering techniques include high purity alumina fiber insulation, stainless steel double wall shell and long-life heating elements with extremely high uniformity. Configurations are available for virtually any requirement with three basic configurations including front loading, bottom loading and front loading atmosphere retort. Our heating elements are not subject to normal watt loading limitations and energy-saving insulation maximizes the performance and energy efficiency of these rugged units.

To discuss your box furnace needs with one of our production furnace experts, call us directly at (973) 338-6500