What is Ceramic/Glass Annealing?

Continuous Strand annealing furnace

Annealing occurs by the diffusion of atoms within a solid material, so that the material progresses towards its equilibrium state. Heat increases the rate of diffusion by providing the energy needed to break bonds. The movement of atoms has the effect of redistributing and eradicating the dislocations in metals and (to a lesser extent) in ceramics. This alteration to existing Read More

Annealing, Sintering and Calcining Processes

Rapid Temp Series Furnaces for Calcining, Sintering

Calcination is one of the most common processes used in the ceramics industry among many others. The most common application for Calcining is the decomposition of calcium carbonate to calcium oxide and carbon dioxide, in order to create cement. The product of calcination is usually referred to as “calcine,” regardless of the actual minerals undergoing thermal treatment. Calcination is carried out in furnaces or Read More

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