Nuclear Waste Disposal Facilitated by Glass Melting Furnaces.

Furnaces for Nuclear waste disposal

In the latest technological solution to a decades old problem, researchers have determined that using blast furnace slag through a process called vitrification, can reduce the volume of radioactive material by 90%. This astounding breakthrough in nuclear fuel disposal melts waste down into little cubes of glass making it way easier to dispose of. The current treatment method for non-compactable Read More

Selecting a Glass furnace for batch Production.

Bottom Loader Glass Melting Furnace

The conversion from raw materials to molten glass in the glass fusion process has become more complex and specialized as the range of materials and increasing desire for reproducible quality has progressed in the last decade. Indeed the proper instrumentation and control of glass melting furnaces can yield large savings in fuel and significant increases in throughput. CM Batch and Read More

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