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Industrial Kilns And Ceramic Furnaces For Technical Ceramics

For over 40 years, CM Furnaces has designed and manufactured industrial grade furnaces for the debinding, sintering, metallization, and testing of ceramic materials.

Increasingly our customers are in need of more sophisticated production or technical capacities, which has lead them to invest in higher temperature ceramic kilns, shuttle kilns, or pusher kilns. When the cost of a single load of processed material can easily reach 7 figures, special attention needs to be paid to the reliability and accuracy of the ceramic kiln and the quality of its design and construction.


Ceramics engineers will find furnaces like our CM-1700 series box/tube kiln-furnaces an ideal fit for producing high quality ceramic process output across a wide variety of process variations including:

  • Ceramic Annealing
  • Metallizing & Powder processing
  • Thermal Cycling for hardening and brazing
  • Co-Firing for creation of multilayer ceramics.
  • Flattening
  • Dental Applications

By using high quality molydisilicide heating elements, we insure fast thermal cycling and longer life in oxidizing atmosphere’s.

Standard Features

  • Gas sealed furnaces for processes requiring inert or reducing atmospheres.
  • Complete atmosphere containment for pollution abatement when working with materials such as lead zirconate titanate (PZT) is also available.
  • Optional Chimney for Binder Burnout
  • Pioneers in co-firing processes required by multi-layer ceramic packages.
  • Insulation using ultra-high purity alumina fiber to virtually eliminate hot-spotting and resist degradation over a long life.

CM Ceramic Kilns also work with all ceramic injection molding feedstocks and binder systems including the BASF Catamold process.

Why Industrial Ceramic Furnaces by CM Furnaces

CM Furnaces offers both standard and customized ceramic kiln configurations, including pusher kiln configurations for high volume environments, and batch style furnaces for individual part processing. Box and tube furnaces in either horizontal or vertical configurations are available.

Form factors are as varied as your imagination but include:

  • Front Loading Box Furnace (FL)
  • Bottom Loading Box Furnace (BL)
  • Gas-Sealed Box Furnace (FL)
  • Thermal Cycling Box Furnace
  • Horizontal Tube Furnace (HTF)
  • Vertical Tube Furnace (VTF)
  • Custom Materials Testing Configurations

Our sealed gas injection technology allows almost any atmosphere to be specified but typical atmosphere’s used for ceramic furnaces include:

  • Air
  • Hydrogen or Hydrogen/Nitrogen
  • Inert
  • Custom

To discuss your needs with one of our production furnace experts, Call us directly at (973) 338-6500

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