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The most reliable and widely used lab furnaces available today, the CM 1700 Series Rapid Temp Lab Furnaces offer rapid heating and cooling rates, uniform temperature control, compactness, and sturdy construction for long term use. Configurations are available for virtually any requirement with four basic configurations including front and bottom loading box furnaces, horizontal and vertical tube furnaces. Gas sealed systems, thermal cycling systems, as well as custom designs and specialized control systems are offered.

The 1700 Series furnaces incorporate a graded insulation package using high purity alumina fiber. Due to the low thermal conductivity and light weight of this insulation extraordinary fast thermal cycling is possible. These furnaces will not hot spot at high temperatures and are resistant to degradation. The double wall shell construction allows the fan cooling feature to maintain reduced skin temperatures while keeping the element terminals cool, extending element life.

Super 1800 molydisilicide heating elements are used, offering fast heat up rates and long life in oxidizing atmospheres. These elements are not subject to normal watt loading limitations and are not affected by thermal shock, therefore heat-up rates are only limited by the capability of the power supply. The electrical resistivity of these elements remains constant over long periods without aging so that individual elements can be replaced without having to match resistance values.

The Rapid Temp Control and Power Supply console includes all components required for immediate installation and operation. Proper control of molydisilicide requires a phase angle-fire SCR, step-down transformer and independent overtemperature instrumentation. Standard control instrumentation includes a multiple segment programmable microprocessor such as Honeywell or Eurotherm used in conjunction with a Type “B” thermocouple.

In addition to offering standard atmosphere options with the tube furnaces, CM also offers a gas-sealed option on our box furnaces for inert atmosphere operation. (The use of inert gas with molydisilicide elements reduces the maximum operating temperature by 100°C. in box furnaces only)

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    • Double Shell Construction
    • High Purity Alumina Fiber Insulation
    • Super 1800 Molydisilicide
    • Heating Elements
    • Cubed Chamber for Best Uniformity
    • Fan Cooling of Element Terminals
    • Type “B” Thermocouples
    • Independent Overtemperature
    • Thermocouple and Instrument
    • Programmable Ramp and Soak Control
    • Phase Angle-Fire SCR Power Controller
    • Step Down Transformer
    • Ammeter and Voltmeter
    • Separate Controls/Power Supply Console
    • 10′ Interconnecting Wire and T/C
    • Extension Leads


    • Ceramics
    • Glass
    • Powders
    • Laboratory Research
    • Materials Testing
    • Thermal Cycling
    • Sintering
    • Annealing
    • Firing
    • Calcining


    • Front Loading Box Furnace (FL)
    • Bottom Loading Box Furnace (BL)
    • Gas-Sealed Box Furnace (FL)
    • Thermal Cycling Box Furnace
    • Horizontal Tube Furnace (HTF)
    • Vertical Tube Furnace (VTF)
    • Custom Materials Testing Configurations

    1700 Series – Laboratory Box Furnaces

    NOTE: You must indicate either FL (Front Loader) OR BL (Bottom Loader) when requesting a quote.
    Example: 1704 FL (for the Front Loader Version)

    1700 Series – Tube Furnaces

    Tube Furnace Specifications - CM 1700 Series
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