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High Temperature Furnaces for Technical Ceramics

Dental Furnace CM 1200 Series

As anyone involved in the production of technical ceramics knows, the precise high-temperature firing of ceramic material in a furnace is integral to the overall quality of the process. Perhaps the most high-profile example of this would be firing of the heat shield tiles used on the space shuttle. These tiles are formed from pure silica fibers and heated to 2,200F in a furnace to form the ceramic bond. It was these tiles that protected the crew and craft over 135 space shuttle missions in the 30 years since the original challenger launch in 1981.

But regardless of your particular ceramics application, ceramic components typically start as a fibrous or slurry-based material. After undergoing various pre-processing steps to refine and shape the material, ceramics are transformed by being exposed to the high temperatures of a ceramic furnace that drive moisture out of the mix and create the hardened pieces we all know and love. The more advanced technical ceramics that are typically produced by CM Furnace customers sometimes need to be heated to temperatures up to 3,100°F (1,700°C) and beyond.

CM Furnace Use as Dental Ceramic Kilns

One area that uses a variety of furnaces is in the production of dental implants. These implants can be for single teeth or entire dentures made for permanent use out of porcelain dental molds. In this kind of production a ceramic composite is extruded and cut into small shapes. These nuggets are then placed into a highly uniform furnace (like our CM 1200 series) and heated to 2,050°F (1,120°C). It is imperative that the temperature uniformity be maintained at ± 5°F (2.5°C) for the duration of the cycle. This ultra-critical uniformity is required to ensure that the part does not shrink or distort as the water is driven out and the porcelain bonding occurs (Sintering). Then the 3D computer mold of the patients mouth is used to drive a system that cuts the porcelain into the perfect size and shape.

CM 1200 for Dental Ceramics

For a dental ceramic furnace, the CM 1200 series was made to order. With a temperature range to 2192°F (1200°C) the furnace provides ample margin to the typical temperature range required for the sintering of dental ceramics while providing excellent uniformity across a number of different chamber sizes and load configurations. The three basic configurations include front loading, bottom loading and front loading atmosphere retort. Thermal cycling systems, as well as custom designs and specialized control systems are offered.

Dental Furnace CM 1200 Series
The CM 1200 Series Furnaces for Technical and Dental Ceramics.

For more information on how to use a CM furnace in your Ceramic Kiln application, call our engineering sales team today.

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