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Humpback Furnace

The CM 500 Series include two distinct types of continuous furnaces designed for specific applications. The “humpback” is a belt furnace specially designed for low dew point and bright firing applications. This system has the heated section of the furnace raised higher than the entrance and exit ends and is designed exclusively for a reducing atmosphere. The inclines built into this furnace, have the effect of isolating the heavier oxygen molecules from entering the elevated heating chamber, insuring a more pure hydrogen atmosphere. Specialty applications perfect for the humpback design include annealing, bright firing, and brazing.

Production Sintering Furnace, Pusher Furnace

Also part of the 500 Series is our traditional pusher furnaces. These are flat designs able to have multiple heating zones that are ideal for phosphor processing, and metallurgical applications and many more. The pushers are typically automated systems and are available in single or parallel track configurations depending on throughput requirements. These furnaces can be used for either inert or inert/reducing atmosphere applications.

All our furnaces are designed and built in the USA.

The furnaces are constructed of heavy gauge steel that is welded and reinforced. All power components and controls are located on the main frame assembly. Both types of furnaces in the 500 Series utilize silicon carbide rod elements above and below the work flow. A combination high alumina fiber and brick insulation package provides for efficient operation. Complete atmosphere controls and safety systems are incorporated.

Controls include a microprocessor based temperature controller, a phase angle-fire SCR power controller, and independent over temperature instrumentation. Thermocouple type depends on process requirements. The CM 500 Series “humpback” belt furnaces employ nitrogen end curtains with hydrogen burn-offs on either end of the furnace. A nickel alloy muffle is used in the heated section. The belt drive system utilizes variable speed solid state SCR power control. Rollers and drive components are designed to minimize friction and maintain belt alignment.

The continuous pusher furnaces typically include atmosphere doors, entrance section, heated section and a cooling section. When automated, the pusher plates (carrier trays) form a train and are pushed through the furnace by an external stoker.

Standard Features

  • Total system packaged in common frame including power and control components
  • Heavy Gauge Welded and Reinforced Steel Frame
  • Silicon Carbide Heating Elements
  • Combination Fiber and Brick Insulation Package
  • Water-Jacketed Cooling Section
  • Microprocessor Based Set Point Temperature Control
  • Phase Angle-Fire SCR Power Controller
  • Independent Over temperature Instrumentation
  • Atmosphere Control and Safety System

Why Humpback Furnaces by CM Furnaces

For applications requiring advanced Humpback Furnaces for continuous production, CM has a large family of standard and customizable solutions. These furnaces are designed for the tight control of temperature and atmosphere necessary for processes with long residence times that require exact control. Our systems can safely operate in air, hydrogen, inert and most reducing gas environments. Our focus is on systems that offer the greatest operating life, lowest operating cost, and highest efficiency in your production line. To achieve that, all our furnaces are designed and built in the USA, and have been for over 70 years.

CM Humpback furnace models incorporate a modular design approach that is highly customizable to the needs of clients. Our customized continuous production furnaces have served industries from the Nuclear fuel industry, to metal injection molding manufactures, and the heat treating of advanced materials requiring complex soak profiles. With CM’s long experience in production furnace construction, you will find a partner with both standard and customized furnaces who can meet your needs reliably.

  • Turn-key Automation (pusher)
  • Multiple Zone Control
  • Data Recording Equipment

To discuss your needs with one of our production furnace experts, Call us directly at (973) 338-6500

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