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MIM Furnace Design and Use

CM Furnaces was one of the very first companies in the USA to make a completely automated pusher furnace for MIM that could handle all steps of MIM processing in a single production furnace. This includes almost any reducing atmosphere, as well as being adapted to handle the large amount of binders that are released by the parts.

A continuous production furnace suitable for MIM usage must have distinct zones with careful atmosphere and temperature control that allow for perfect debinding and sintering control through the furnace as well as effective removal of excess binder to prevent it from entering the sintering chamber. An example of one of our automated MIM pusher furnaces is shown below:

MIM Furnace for Production by CM Furnaces
The CM 300 Series MIM production pusher furnaces

A CM built MIM furnace is a true pusher furnace designed for high throughput production, and as such have several advantages over other continuous furnace technologies like “walking beam” or batch implementations for MIM.

  1. External Stoker mechanism is entirely outside the heat envelope.
  2. Much more reliable, and cost effective for MIM than complex walking beam implementations.
  3. MIM configurations of our 300 series furnace include preheat sections and Binder Removal sections.
  4. No intermediate setup of parts as in batch furnace operations.

As a pioneer in MIM furnaces for production environments, CM has accommodated the needs of thousands of companies involved in the production of injection molded metal parts over its 70 year history.

For more information on CM Furnaces requirements for your MIM process, call our sales team today.

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