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Muffle Furnaces

High Temperature Muffle Furnaces

The defining characteristic of a muffle furnace is that it separates the object to be heated from all by products of combustion from the heat source. With modern electrical furnaces, this means heat is applied to a chamber through induction or convection by a high-temperature heating coil inside an insulated material. The insulating material effectively acts as a muffle, preventing heat from escaping. A well-built muffle furnace can reach extremely high temperatures with a high degree of uniformity and accuracy, while preserving the purity of the chamber environment.

What is the difference between a Muffle Furnace and a Retort Furnace?
The difference is largely historical and semantic. A retort is simply the airtight vessel that the material to be processed is placed in. The term comes from the chemical industry. A Muffle furnace refers to the insulation and separation of the heating elements from the contents of the retort. “Muffle Furnace” is terminology that came from the furnace manufacturers, but they both describe the same exact type of furnace. Get it? Learn more here!

Standard Features

  • Fully programmable control of heating and cooling rates
  • Highly uniform temperature control
  • Highly reliable designs use only premium components
  • Extra sturdy construction for long term use

In most models, both horizontal and vertical models are available for virtually any requirement in single or multi-zone configurations. Custom designs including tilting and rotating systems, atmosphere and vacuum packages, and specialized control systems are offered. Our muffle furnaces can incorporate a graded insulation package using high temperatures and are resistant to degradation. The rugged steel shell is hinged for easy access inside the furnaces. When you feel the weight of our door, you’ll fully understand you’re in the presence of quality.

Why Muffle Furnaces by CM Furnaces

Serious processing of expensive parts requires a serious furnace. In our experience the offshore built furnaces resold by our experience the offshore built furnaces resold by our competitors fail to have uniformity or longevity needed for serious process control. Despite this focus on quality and performance, CM Furnaces have what is arguably the best value proposition in the industry.

  • Ease of maintenance- Our modular plate heating elements are among the longest lasting in the industry.
  • All steel construction always has been, always has been, always be.
  • Double Shell Construction
  • High Purity Alumina Fiber Insulation
  • Super 1800 Molydisilicide Heating Elements
  • Cubed Chamber for Best Uniformity
  • Fan Cooling of Element Terminals
  • Type “B” Thermocouples
  • Independent Over-Temperature monitoring and control
  • Phase Angle-Fire SCR Power Controller and more.

To discuss your needs with one of our production furnace experts, Call us directly at (973) 338-6500

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