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Selecting a Glass furnace for batch Production.

Bottom Loader Glass Melting Furnace

The conversion from raw materials to molten glass in the glass fusion process has become more complex and specialized as the range of materials and increasing desire for reproducible quality has progressed in the last decade. Indeed the proper instrumentation and control of glass melting furnaces can yield large savings in fuel and significant increases in throughput.

CM Batch and Continuous production Glass Furnaces

CM furnace models address the market for batch glass melting furnaces by providing furnaces with a number of key features necessary for efficient process control.

  1. Bottom loading configurations like our CM Rapid Temp Furnace series provide the convenient elevator access to the crucible that is preferred for safe operation during transfer.
  2. Our CM 1700 series provides a completely gas sealed option, necessary for hydrogen atmosphere injection necessary for proper melting of various type of frits.
  3. Our furnaces can be designed and built to be opened while hot with custom ports for instrumentation and gas injection.
  4. Advanced sensors and control of temperature throughout the chamber insure uniform glass annealing and minimize gravity effects.
  5. Temperatures up to 1700C allow the use of less expensive glass batch materials with increased melting points.

Use of Glass Furnaces with Multiple Atmospheres and Gas Injection

Use of Hydrogen or in particular, Helium gas may enhance the removal of gas bubbles and seeds from the molten glass during a glass melting process. In particular, the fining effect of helium gas is related to its ability to diffuse throughout the molten glass faster than other inert gases. As a result, growth rates of the seeds in the molten glass containing helium will increase, and the fining condition of the molten glass is improved when the melt is properly exposed over a long period.

For laboratories and small scale production houses developing or experimenting with these kinds of sealed atmosphere production processes, our CM 2300 Series can reach up to 1300C and has a sealed atmosphere option, metallic retort, and programmable control system that is perfect for the needs of most melting/fining operations.

For larger production operations, glass pusher furnaces like our CM 700 have been used to accommodate the needs of continuous production operations.

Glass Furnaces by CM Furnaces

For over 70 years, CM furnaces has been providing reliable solutions to the glass and ceramics industry. For more information, please contact CM Furnace’s engineering team today.

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