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Sintering Furnaces

Sintering Furnaces by CM Furnace

High-temperature sintering furnaces are used in a number of processes and industries. CM Furnaces provides both production furnaces and batch furnaces that accomodate a wide variety of processes, temperatures, and atmosphere’s.

Production Sintering Furnaces

Typically, the higher-temperature continuous furnaces used for sintering operations are known as “pusher furnaces” or “walking-beam furnaces.” A pusher furnace moves the work through on a series of boats or plates (Fig. 2). One boat is pushed against another in a continuous train. A pusher furnace only pauses long enough to remove a boat at the exit end and add one at the entrance end. This is considered a constant push.

A walking-beam furnace utilizes a pusher mechanism to bring the boat into the furnace and place it on the beams. These beams are analogous to a series of rails. The rails are on cams, which lift up, forward and down, essentially walking the boat or carrier through the furnace. At the exit end, the boats are then commonly transferred onto a belt for the cooling section.

CM 400 Series Continuous Sintering Furnace

The CM 400 Series furnaces are available in a variety of configurations from manually loaded lab-scale units to fully automated production systems. Two basic systems are available. The 400A Series utilize exposed molybdenum grid elements and high alumina insulating brick for temperatures up to 1880°C (3415°F). The 400Z Series employ exposed tungsten rod elements and zirconia insulating brick for temperatures to 2200°C (3990°F).

The base model includes inclined doors with protective atmosphere flushes, high heat section, and a cooling section. Depending on application requirements other features are added such as preheat sections, wax or binder removal sections, multiple zone controls, low or high dewpoint features, and turn-key automated pusher systems.

CM Rapid-Temp series Batch Sintering Furnaces

Our CM 1500 and CM 1700 series hydrogen atmosphere batch furnaces can sinter and debind in a single step at temperatures up to 1700C. With atmosphere safety system and mixing panel, it remains one the most flexible, durable batch furnaces made today.

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