Sintering Furnaces by CM Furnace

CM Furnaces has been involved with sintering in the PM, MIM, and CIM processes for decades, providing both continuous production, and batch solutions to hundreds of industries for thousands of process variations.

CM offers our larger sintering furnaces as building blocks, with the proven ability to customize to your particular temperature, time, and atmosphere requirements, as well as many other customizable control options. It is the quality of our engineering and materials that set us apart when you trust your process furnace requirements to us.

Production Solutions for Sintering Furnaces.

CM 300 High Temperature Mollywound Sintering Furnace

CM 300 High Temperature Mollywound Sintering Furnace

PM and MIM – For powdered metallurgy and metal injection molding our CM 300 and CM 400 series have been industry standard sintering furnace platforms for decades. Boasting tremendous uniformity with integral debinding, these machines have the toughness and durability to withstand the most demanding production environment.

These furnaces have provided extraordinarily safe and headache free operation for decades and feature:

  • High output to 1700C standard, 1880C possible with custom insulation system.
  • Processing of large, heavy work units.
  • Highly repeatable process control, consistent part quality.
  • Fully programmable temperature profile
  • Up 15 zones of temperature control with isolation zones.
  • Can process both metals and ceramics.
  • Fully PLC controlled automation and safety systems.
  • Touch screen controls.

CIM Furnaces – For Ceramic Injection Molding, CM’s 700 series of high temperature furnaces was primarily developed for the continuous sintering of various ceramic bodies at temperatures in excess of 1600C. They are suitable for operation in both inert and oxidizing atmospheres.

Features of the highly capable CIM platform include:

  • Closed loop pusher furnace option
  • Can perform continuous operation at 1700C
  • Uses insulation made of high purity aluminum oxide and brick.
  • Capable of operation in inert atmosphere’s
  • Molybdenum disillicide heating elements easily replaceable.
  • Up to 6 zones of operation
  • Standard sizes or fully customizable.

Batch and Laboratory Solutions for Sintering Furnaces.

Ideal for the hydrogen atmosphere common to most MIM and PM processes, is our 1600 and 1700 series of Rapid Temp tube furnaces. With temperature ranges to 1600C and 1700C respectively, our gas sealed batch furnace design allows for a highly pure hydrogen or inert gas atmosphere.

CM 1600 Tube Furnace

CM 1600 Tube Furnace


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