Strand Annealing Furnace Series

The CM-200 series of Strand Annealers represent some of the most versatile and configurable continuous annealing solutions available today. Configured as horizontal tube furnaces these machines have both the throughput and the individual chamber controls to handle any atmospheric annealing process for almost any metal.

Continuous Strand annealing furnace

Continuous Strand annealer furnace


The 200 Series line of continuous strand annealers are available in three temperature ranges including; LTSA 1000°C (1850°F), SA 1200°C (2200°F) and HTSA 1700°C (3100°F). The furnaces are available with up to twenty process tubes each with individual atmosphere control. Atmosphere options include air, nitrogen, argon, hydrogen or dissociated ammonia. Various heated lengths with single or multiple zone control are available, as well as cooling sections and optional features for specific applications. Continuous annealers available for wire, rod, cable and strip materials.
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