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High Temperature Tube Furnaces

Tube furnaces are one of the most effective ways to heat a small sample while allowing rapid temperature changes and temperature uniformity. We have a range of horizontal, vertical, gradient and diffusion tube furnaces to fit your needs whether for heating metal or technical ceramic samples in air, an inert atmosphere, under high vacuum, a controlled and uniform temperature, or ramping up through a temperature profile.


Standard Features

  • Fully programmable control of heating and cooling rates,
  • Highly uniform temperature control
  • Highly reliable designs use only premium components. Our design emphasis is based around longevity.
  • Extra sturdy construction for long term use.

CM Furnaces has been making tube furnaces for over 60 years. We have built our reputation by providing the most reliable and long lasting furnaces available today. Our “no-shortcuts” mentality and advanced feature offerings puts our furnaces at the uppermost level of the quality spectrum among tube furnaces manufactured today.

Max Temperature Atmospheres Model No. Furnace Type/Applications
1150°C (2150°F) Inert, Reducing 200 Wire & Tube Annealing
1500°C (2822°F) Inert, Reducing 1000SC Horizontal Tube, Vertical Tube
1300°C (2372°F) Inert, Reducing 1300 Diffusion Tube
1700°C (3100°F) Inert, Reducing 1400 Gradient Tube
1550°C (2822°F) Inert, Reducing 2800 Tube Furnace, Rotary
1600°C (2900°F) Inert, Reducing 1600 Horizontal Tube, Vertical Tube
1700°C (3100°F) Inert, Reducing 1700 Horizontal Tube, Vertical Tube
1800°C (3270°F) Inert, Reducing 1800 Horizontal Tube, Vertical Tube

Why Tube Furnaces by CM Furnaces

Our high quality tube furnaces are used for an array of production, testing and research applications and are available in a wide range of diameters and temperature configurations. We offer custom and standard tube furnaces, ensuring that our tube furnace will meet your application requirements and will operate efficiently and effectively especially for long-term use.

Tube furnaces by CM Furnaces come in all form factors, sizes, and temperature ranges. They can use a variety of atmospheres and are offered at a wide variety of price points. Users of the CM series of tube furnaces include:

  • US National Laboratories like Los Alamos, Oak Ridge & Savanna River national labs and many others.
  • Both Government and private research facilities.
  • University science laboratories
  • Preproduction manufacturing test.
  • Small scale production environments.

To discuss your needs with one of our production furnace experts, Call us directly at (973) 338-6500

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