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Congratulations, you’ve landed at the CM furnaces blog. We hope it will be the first of many visits as we attempt to present our thoughts on furnaces, kilns, heating, cooling, manufacturing, made in the USA, and any other hot topics that strike our fancy….

But first, a little about us.  Since 1946 CM Furnaces has been breathing fire into hundreds of industries, as one of the premier manufacturers of production and batch furnaces. We humbly submit that there is no-one out there that makes a furnace for any purpose that is better built, and longer lasting than ours. In an age where equipment is designed to break the day after the warantee expires, CM furnaces builds cutting edge equipment with an old fashioned mindset. It doesn’t help us with our spare parts business, but it does create a reputation for our products that is much more important.  When you buy CM furnaces, you typically buy decades of trouble free operation. That’s how its always been with us, and why when so many chose to build parts or entire assemblies
offshore, we choose to design and build our products completely in the USA.

CM Furnaces of Bloomfield NJOur focus is on lifetime value of our products and if you are running a production metallurgy operation, or cranking out injection molded steel parts where part uniformity, precision, and durability are your first concern, then we are making furnaces for you.

Take a look around our website and you will see that in our 70 year history we’ve made a whole lot of furnaces. From our smallest lab furnaces, to giant hydrogen pusher furnaces for large scale production, there isn’t much we haven’t done and continue to do in the furnace world.

Look around and when you’re ready to get serious, give us a call and see how we’ve managed to bring an old fashioned quality work ethic into the modern world.


Jim Neill
Vice President, Sales & Marketing
CM Furnaces


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